This is a very common situation I encounter. I get an email from a mom or dad making their travel plans to come to Kauai with their kids. They are excited to be visiting Kauai with their family and eager to make sure that everything is perfect so they can have the best and most relaxing time possible. I mean let’s get real here, traveling to Kauai with kids can be stressful especially when you realize how much it costs to be here.

The question of what should I bring often comes up? Should I bring everything that my baby needs? What kind of baby equipment will I need while vacationing on Kauai? Or should I try to handle my vacation on Kauai without baby equipment?

All very tough questions and not every case is the same.

As a mom, here is my best advice that I give to traveling families coming to Kauai….. First you need to know what your baby, toddler, or little one needs for daily schedules to happen as usual.

Is your child able to sleep in a crib? or have they ever slept in a pack n play before? Do they always eat in a high chair? Remember children are creatures of habit and they love feeling secure in their routines.

So here it is, my best advice, whatever you use at home that your child is use to of, even the bare minimum like a crib and/or high chair will be a huge deal while on vacation. I have had countless parents thank us for providing something so simple as a high chair as it made feeding time possible for them to enjoy.

Please, please, please parents do not try something brand new to your child while on vacation. If your baby always sleeps in a crib but you order a pack n play instead to save $20 dollars. Is that $20 dollars worth the risk of baby crying all night and you can’t get a good nights rest and your grouchy the entire next day. I mean really? Is the $20 dollars worth it?

I know what your thinking, of course I would recommend more baby equipment because I own a baby gear company here on Kauai. But the reality of it is that I am in the business of helping families have a great vacation by providing you with the essentials you need to make everyday on your vacation a great one! I am always here for you and if you have any questions or concerns about what you might need please call me! I love talking to other parents about Kauai and Kids!!! Aloha!